Unconventional Ladies of Mayfair Series

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Ladies who defy the status quo and the men bold enough to love them.

About the Unconventional Ladies of Mayfair Series

Who are these Unconventional Ladies of Mayfair, you ask?

They’re a circle of friends who refuse to accept the conventional roles society imposes on them. They band together to form the Wednesday Afternoon Social Club, but don’t be fooled by that innocuous sounding name. These ladies are anything but innocuous. They are socially-conscious and forward thinking. Their club becomes a way for them to support causes they care about, but in addition to that, their weekly meetings function as the feminine version of a man’s club.

If a lady wishes to wear trousers at their meetings, it’s perfectly acceptable. If she wishes to indulge in a brandy or a whisky rather than a cup of tea, no one will bat an eye. If she wants to discuss a topic generally considered inappropriate for a lady, she can do that, too, without worrying about being met with disapproval.

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